Benefits of VR – How you can benefit from them in VR arcades immediately

Benefits of VR – How you can benefit from them in VR arcades immediately

Many times when we think of Virtual Reality (VR), we think of games and entertainment ala VR gaming. But, there are many other benefits and advantages of Virtual Reality that might surprise you and where you can directly gain from them!


VR in Education


It might be a little hard to get people’s attention or concentrate when you’re studying but VR can change it all. VR can captivate and interest students greatly.

Learning Through Experience

The immersive VR education provides an experience for the learner. As we all know, learning through experience is much better than through pen and paper. A VR in education example will be the Space Explorers: The ISS Experience. Watching a documentary might be boring but what if you’re in it? Be right beside the space explorers as they venture through the ISS and witness the magical space world.


VR Training

Increase Speed of Learning

Did you know that you can use VR to train your employees or learn new skills yourself? VR offers an immersive experience that will allow the learner to learn the skill faster in an environment without any distractions. The learner will retain the knowledge better too.

Great Accessibility

You don’t need to find a location for the training again and again. VR allows you to do the training with one item, the VR headset.

Save Cost

If the learner can’t grasp the skill after one training, he could go through the process again without any additional material cost! A VR training example will be the Cook-Out. This is a social game where you have to learn to cooperate with your friends and fulfill the orders through teamwork. What if you didn’t pass the mission in the end? Well, restart the game and learn from your mistakes. No additional ingredient cost is needed and you can do it in your own office.

Health Benefits of VR

Reducing Stress

Besides the fun and exciting games, there are also VR applications such as Tripp that can help you to calm your mind or build more focus. The immersive environment blocks out all distractions, creating the best environment for you to relieve your stress.

Reduce Pain

Yes, VR can help with pain management. The most likely conclusion formed by researchers was that VR distracts the patient from the pain and also decreases the time spent thinking about pain. Most of these VR experiences include relaxation techniques that can help the patient to learn to manage their pain better in an immersive environment.

Promote Exercising

Do you ever notice that you were panting heavily after a VR game? When you’re having fun, you don’t notice that you’re exercising. Hence, VR gaming is a great way to get your body moving and do some exercise without the dread.

Experiencing the benefits in VR arcade

With all these benefits of VR in education, training and health, it’s no surprise that VR has taken root first in arcades and now into the next big thing, the Metaverse.

In the past, with arcades being a 2 dimensional experience where you were holding a prop with a screen in front of you, it stands to see VR was integrated into arcade to give the true 3 dimensional immersive experience with amazing feelings like trying to balance on a ledge, exploring different worlds and even taking zombie slaying to the next level with friends!

Amazed by all the benefits of VR and want to try it out for yourselves? All the games mentioned above can be found in NWC! Just make a reservation with us and explore the world of VR personally. Trust us, it’s more than just fun.

VR Arcade Game of the month

Overkill – Master the art of precision!

Recommendation level: ****

Experience the thrill of firing at your enemies and leading your team to success. Instead of moving your fingers, exercise your entire body as you dodge bullets, find a good hiding spot, and peep out to shoot your enemies.

Tip: Remember to load your guns!

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