New World NFT Gallery

Rental of NFT display

(Transaction will be made in USDT)

Display of 1 NFT on 1 of our 20 TVs in our outlet
1 TV will be displaying 5 different NFTs with interval of 30 seconds rotation.

Day rate : Weekday 60 USDT per NFT display (2 days 100 USDT per NFT display)
Weekend 80 UST per NFT display (2 days 120 USDT per NFT display)
2 Weeks : 300 USDT per NFT display
1 Month : 400 USDT per NFT display
1 month Premium TVs : 800 USDT per NFT display


1) There’s a frequent flow of the customers daily with our VR gaming and the NFT community hanging out at our area and those here view our NFT Gallery.

2) For the period of display, holders of artist NFT can get exclusive discounts to access our Virtual reality gaming and the board games section.

3) Artist are able to display and sell their own merchandise at our store.

4) We are located at Somerset 313 so it's very convenient for artist’s members to travel down.

5) Foot fall pre covid is 4.6 million - Stats provided by landlease

6) Social Media shout out on New World NFT Gallery platforms

Other NFT Promotion

- A 30 sec marketing video of NFT in physical gallery at 900 USDT.

- One day Event at New World NFT Gallery from 2pm to 8pm at 5000 USDT
We are able to provide microphones and speaker so the artist can conduct a formal address. We can accommodate a capacity of up to 50 pax in the event area with the current restrictions. Without the Covid restrictions we are able to hold up to 100 pax, seated and standing.

*The remitting party is responsible for all charges and transaction fees associated with the payment.

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